Session at Thawtful Entertainment

The other day I recorded guitars and did some re-amping for a couple of projects at Thawtful Entertainment in Atlanta. The original idea was simply to send the entire track out through an amplifier, close-mic the speaker and use the built-in effects to create a different guitar sound to layer underneath the guitar track. What ended up happening instead was more of a performance, where I would change parameters on the amp as the track was playing back out of it, creating exceptionally dynamic and varied guitar textures. The amp we used was a Peavey E110 Acoustic, with a 9-band EQ and chorus, delay, and reverb, all being adjusted sporadically in real time. We then did the same thing with a Line 6 Spider II electric amp, which has a 3-band EQ and built-in chorus, phaser, tremolo, clean and sweep echoes, and reverb. All of those effects are on two rotaries, intended to be set and left there, so making smooth transitions is tricky, but there are workarounds, such as cutting EQ bands at the jump. Also ran into some feedback issues, but we made it work, and the result is quite unique.
Sound checking the Ibanez acoustic/electric in the hallway.
Chris Gala playing some chilled out lead riffs.
Brittany's track got re-amped through the Line 6.
Modulating delay speed.
Starting from scratch on the E110.